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More 3rd party FAH tools can be found at Folding Forum's Tools List.


Stats Pages

3rd Party Stats Pages are often available when the Stanford Stats are Updating. They also can include more detailed information about a user or teams production levels

Kakao Stats - Includes all teams and users. (Updates every 3 hours)

Extreme Overclocking - Includes the 6,000 Highest Ranked Teams & All Team Members (Updates every 3 hours)

Free-DC - Includes all teams and users.

HardOCP - Stats for the 2,000 Highest Ranked Teams & All Team Members (Updates every 3 hours)

XCPUS - Stats for Teams and users (Updates every hour)


Monitors allow a user to view the status of all of their Folding@Home clients via local network

Folding Stats Folding@Home Monitoring Tool (iPod Touch / iPhone / iPad)

FahMon Folding@Home Monitoring Tool (Windows / Linux / OSX)

HFM.NET Folding@Home Monitoring Tool (Windows / Linux (Mono))

FahSpy Folding@Home Monitoring Tool (Windows)

UnitInfo Folding@Home Monitoring Tool (OSX).

F@H WUdget Folding@Home Monitoring Tool (OSX)


finstall - FAH installer for Linux,Free/OpenBSD,MacOSX,Wine

Arkaine's Linux FAH Installer This is an implementation of the Folding Service used in Overclockix Linux. It downloads the latest Linux FAH client from Stanford, sets up several scripts for controlling the FAH service, creates a number of clients = to the # of CPU's detected (including HT), and enables big packets and/or -advmethods for folding clients if enough ram is present and if SSE instructions are available, respectively.

FAH installer for MACOSX - InCrease

pk's F@H Service Installers - Advanced F@H service installers for Windows

Overclockix Linux Distribution Overclockix is a variant of Knoppix Linux, a full-featured version of Linux that can be run by booting from a single CD-rom or installed to a hard drive. Overclockix is configured to run folding@home automatically when booted and is easily configurable. There is even a specialized version (LTSP 2.1) that can be installed to a hard drive and used as a pre-configured Terminal/File Server to PXE/etherboot diskless client machines, and all will fold automatically. By Arkaine23 and Overdoze.

Unhappy_Mage's FAH installer This is an NSIS-based installer for Folding@Home. It has options for all the possible configurations. It is small (75K for the installer) and automatically retrieves the latest version of the FAH console. Source code is available.

FoldingAtWork installer: A windows installer directed at system administrators. A few text files to modify depending on your needs (settings, number of clients, time of day where Folding@Home can run), and then easy installation of Folding@Home in an office environment.

Notfred's Diskless A linux based Folding@Home package. Can be configured to boot from a CD, PXE network, or USB/FlashDrive Boot. All options are configured from the programmers website before download to allow for easy setup.


Configurable affinity changer for Windows Configurable affinity changer for Windows to automatically assign affinities to FAH clients and other processes.

F@H Protein Researcher A Facebook application that connects you with teammates and tracks stats for your profile page.

"fpd & qd"
Note: According to "this post" Richard Howell (rph_iv), author of these utils, has died.

But qd, qdiprint and qdinfo.dat are now being maintained by some members of the Folding@Home community on the qd tools website



Jmol protein viewer


FAH Chart Tool to chart individual WU progress from FAHlog.txt

pk's F@H Service Config Tool Use this tool to add switches to the F@H console client service

Jmol MediaWiki Extension

FAH SMP Affinity Changer Utility for automatically assigning of affinities for SMP folding cores

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