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Like many sites, the folding forums have developed some commonly used expressions. This may discourage new folks until they get used to them, but there's no real way to avoid the terms, so here are some of the common ones. These are separate from the actual scientific terms (below).

Term Explanation
AS Assignment Server - A server which assigns a client to a Work Server.
C2D or C2Q Intel Core 2 Duo (or Core 2 Quad) - Not strictly folding related, but used often on the folding forums
Core An ambiguous word. For clarity, it is better to use "FAHcore" or "CPUcore". Originally, one of the analysis methods used by FAH (because of their names FahCore_XX.exe). More recently, a fully functional processor - generally used where two or more cores are on a single chip.
CS Collection Server - A server specifically configured to accept uploads which, for some reason, cannot be uploaded to the primary WS (see below).
DC Distributed Computing
EUE Early Unit End
FAH or F@h The Folding at home project.
GPU Graphics Processing Unit. The 'brains' designed to suppliment the CPU by offloading much of the work of generating complex images on your screen. Now being used as a specialized processor to speed up FAH. (Also GPGPU - General Purpose GPU, to indicate that it's not just for graphics any more.)
PPD Points Per Day - One method of estimating the productivity / speed of a computer. (Also PPW or PPH, depending on the time interval.)
PRCG The unique identifier for a single unit, consisting of the Project number, Run, Clone version, and Generation (projects start at G0)
Server .151 (or other numbers) One of the Stanford servers with an IP address ending with that value (Specifically, server VSPMF84 with IP =, although in some cases this may be ambiguous). See the left hand column of
SMP Symmetric MultiProcessing (multi-core CPUs and the like)
TPF Time Per Frame. How long it takes for one frame, or one percent of a work unit, to complete.
UM or U_M Unstable Machine error. The FAH client has determined that the machine it is being run on is unstable and has terminated the current unit. (currently only used on GPU clients)
WS Work Server - A FAH server which distributes work and accepts results for several FAH projects.
WU Work Unit - an assigned unit of work for the folding project.
X2 or X4 AMD Athlon 64 X2 or Phenom (II) X4 (See C2D above).

The link below gives explanations for words used throughout the education pages. The terms are relevant for the science of FAH.

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